lundi 8 février 2016

Toys toys toys

By Anthony Lycett 

I love to integrate toys to my designs as miniature representation of our world or connexion with our inner childhood.  
Starting with legos and barbie I branched out into building games in accordance with my finds in charity shops and car boots sales.  

By Anthony Lycett 

Kids of the 90s, last non-native technology, I loved games that allowed you to use your imagination and creativity, between construction and deconstruction, train circuits, marble runs etc… 
For this neckpiece, It look that I just put some  colourful tube around,  my neck but actually this is a very complex structure as the plastic tubes as rigid and you need to bring some flexibility and roundness to the structure by the softness of the foam. So I had to drill hole in the plastic and create sequins fabrics joints filled with stuffing.  

Photography by the Artist Ignacio Lozano called "Connected”

The picture shows configurations of the outer human shell created with costumes, masks, photo-technical and artistic manipulations, coming from aesthetics such as Dada, surrealism, high tech, cutting-edge fashion design, and the folklore of other cultures. I like that the kind of Mecanos structure is used as an extension of the human body.  

By Anthony Lycett 

I am actually diverting the function of the construction game because, making it by unusable by sewing this fabrics joints to the structure, you can't get a marble running through anymore making it a piece of wearable art.  

By Anthony Lycett 

By Anthony Lycett 
 This outfit is inspired by my trip in China last september  (read the article here) and red decoration, lanterns, couplets and lucky charms in China town.

By Anthony Lycett 
The headpiece that I embellished with beads refers to the dragon dances performed during the festival. It is actually a puppet dragon I found in a charity shop and that I turned into a hat. 

The neckpiece is called "the four ages of the womanhood".  It is composed of barbie and dolls of different stage of life ( baby, little girl, middle age woman and the skeleton symbolising the death).  The head of the woman have been replaced by the lotus flower as a sign of femininity and as a reference to Dali's woman with a flower head, but also to Ronsard poem "Mignonne allons voir si la rose" reminding that like for flowers woman's beauty fade as time is passing, linking classicism tradition of "memento mori" to surrealistic cliche of sensuality.  
By Anthony Lycett 

By Anthony Lycett 
 My lovely Mum bring me this this great jewellery organiser hanging dress from New Orlean in order to classify my beads and jewellery supplies.
By Anthony Lycett 
 But because  I am so messy  and I don't organise anything  (I work in quite a chaotic way) I just decide to turn it into an actual wearable dress!
Luckily, my Mum brought two (one for me and one for my sisters) but she didn't wanted it so I could create a front and a back.  

Using pastel colours, The design is partly inspired by Doll eyes label which create very kawaii and kitsch dresses in between cuteness & innocence of childhood and sensuality with  PVC & see-through  material. (that already inspired my transparent My Little pony dress

ethnic inspired bags with tassels & beaded embellished dolls now belonging to the glorious Sue Kreitzman 

By Anthony Lycett 
 I feel like a walking toys shop or a cute girly museum of curiosity where all the miniature toys have been sourced in charity shops over few months and carefully classified and curated.
After positioning the difference toys, I closed up all the plastic pocket by sewing them on adding pink lace for a more baby doll look.

I had the bad idea (yes sometimes it happens) to had a pinch of gold glitter in all the plastic pockets. But the problem is the sewing on doesn't make the dress impermeable so I keep spreading glitters wherever I go as a pinkish tinkerbell! 

Honoured to pause with Mrs Selfstyled himself! Normally he prefers to stay behind the camera in order to celebrate better the unique style of his subjects.  He usually  prefers to surround himself with colourful people and keep his minimalistic look.  But for the picture he (reluctantly) accepted to wear the amazing creations of Magdalene Celeste.  

Of course I am not wearing this outfit only for photoshoot but also in the real life, like for the opening of Loudest Whispers 2016 where Estelle Rivière  Monsterlune blow our mind away with an amazing psychedelic fashion show! 

The two French girls who don't have a French style at all.
(By Michelle Martinioli) 

In this design the back is as important as the front! 
By Zac Zenza 

With the designer Florent Bidois wearing a J.Freestone spectacular headpiece.  

February is also aquarius time an a lot of my creative friends are celebrating their birthday like Meihui who invited us at her Pop up restaurant  Dumpling Heart for a tea party! 
It is open till the end of February and if you are a dumpling addict this is the place for you! 
At the same table than Victim Fashion Street , Self Styled, Sue Kreitzman, Tatty Devine & Rosita Bonita! what a creative crowd! 

Tea time & great conversation with Sue Kreitzman

I am wearing a vampire dolls neckpiece embellished with beads, buttons & laces competed during my time of waiting around at my extra work! 
The must: my  glittery eyes shadow is matching the eye shadow of my dolls! 

We also attended the 84th birthday of a legend and a "grande dame" the fabulous Molly Parkin!  

Amazing picture  of Sue Kreitzman in The Guardian in her "natural environment" wearing my alphabet necklace.  You can see in the background the portrait  that Ella Guru painted of us. Read the article here.  
and to finish....the press corner, I am very honoured to be featured on the blog of the amazing Diane Pernet, a visionary artist and stylist I have been admired for a long time and inspired me a couple of year ago my costume of the woman with the wooden limbs for one of my show (see the article here)

read the article here 

dimanche 31 janvier 2016

Self styled Paris

2016 had an explosive start for me with the opening of Self styled, at the Gallery Isabelle Gounod in Paris.  

By Marie-Paola Bertrand-Hillion
After only few days in London, having spent Christmas time in France, I took the Eurostar back to Paris to help Anthony Lycett to prepare his exhibition and perform on the opening night 9th of january.  

View of the personal exhibition of Anthony Lycett "Self Styled" / Exhibition view of Anthony Lycett's solo show "Self Styled"
Galerie Isabelle Gounod, Paris
"The working Lycett, photographer living in London, explores and portrays the "sub culture "London and Paris. His analytical approach documents the forms of self-representation that elevate the style to cult status. The exhibition offers a look at his most recent work, which follows a working almost ten years of capture portraits of individuals from social currents of the present time. The series "Self-Styled" started in 2008, today includes more than 200 diptychs representing eccentrics, dandies, punks, Gothic, transvestites and the forefront of London and Paris."

By Marie-Paola Bertrand-Hillion
We didn't know what to expect. We were inhabited by a mix of excitement and fear.  Are people going to come?  Are Parisian ready for this?  

By Marie-Paola Bertrand-Hillion

At the end, the event was a very successful night animated by a very colourful and eclectic crown.  You could believe you were in London, as if all the eccentric of Paris came out from their hidden dark cave. The styled people of the audience acted as a reflexion of the portrait hanged on the wall giving a third dimension to the prints  as if theses extravagant characters came to life escaped from their frame! 

I could hear people saying "At last, an event when you can dress up in Paris without being judged" 
By Marie-Paola Bertrand-Hillion
I had the best reactions I never had from doing my Lego performance (maybe because I used my biggest and more beautiful one which obviously make a statement). 

I was very  lucky my Mum made it (legally) crossing the channel about a year ago, transporting it from London to Paris as I couldn't keep this 3m diameter structure in my tiny flat! (Read the article about the Lego dress originally made for London 2013 fashion week

While doing some little alterations for the performance, my cat started playing  with it and I hoped the audience will enjoy it as much as him! 

By Marie-Paola Bertrand-Hillion
As I said before,  The performance becomes  the meeting point of two creativity, mine and the audience's one who directly takes part in the design of the dress creating a different  and unique result at every performances. Involving toys, my performance attempts to convey the nostalgia of themselves, like a "Proust madeleine" Legos entail remembrance feeling, creating an intimate connexion between me and the child within the spectator.  The common iconic objects becomes the medium of a the social link in a society where people are hooked to their phone  and tablets and interact less with people in the real life.  
By Marie-Paola Bertrand-Hillion
Through this performance, I also try to explore the status of woman's body in post-modern society through the performance art .In a beautiful  costume, the woman's body is celebrated and glorified but also objectified , contrived and becomes vulnerable to the interaction of the audience that often try to transgress the rules defined by the performance.  It is in this paradox of powerfulness and fragility that the woman's body becomes art.  
By Marie-Paola Bertrand-Hillion
At the opening I met Florence, I young art student who told me she was following my work since she saw me on Sept à Huit on TF1 and that I inspired her to dress more crazy more colourful and to not care about people from school would tell about her look. I feel to glad and blessed to her that, suddenly I felt everything I was fighting for in my practice was making sense. I wish someone would have told me when I was 18 that it is ok to be different and that it is actually an strength.  I am so glad I can inspire some people at my little scale and push them to express their creativity.  
By Marie-Paola Bertrand-Hillion
By Marie-Paola Bertrand-Hillion

By Marie-Paola Bertrand-Hillion

By Marie-Paola Bertrand-Hillion

Jean Picon the famous photographer from Say who "ajoutant sa brique à l'édifce".  

By Marie-Paola Bertrand-Hillion

By Marie-Paola Bertrand-Hillion
Me, myself and I, or 3 version of me. It is such a weird feeling to see your pictures framed in an art gallery and thinking someone could buy it and put it in his living room! But I actually have the uncanny feeling of the strangely familiar, of a girl looking like me as this pictures have been taken two and one years ago.  

As a teenager, I was drooling over Saywho pictures of glittery fashion people at hype parties... TODAY I AM IN IT!!!
find all the picture of the opening here 

Someone told me "that is the dress Donkey skin should have asked to her father in the fairy tales instead of the Sun dress or the cloudy dress. Then the king wouldn't  have been able to provide it and she wouldn't  have to ask of the skin of the donkey! 

The exhibition got a tremendous amount of press, Telerama, les in rocks, liberation, Vice, ID magazine etc…

If someone would have told me one day I would have my picture in the legendary magazine "les Inrocks

I don't really like to see me on TV (especially hearing my voice) but this video conveys the great atmosphere of the opening and document well the performance, thanks to Kingz magazine.  

And all the press is well deserved, for me, Anthony's work is more than simple portraits, it is the  sign of a  social phenomenon.  2016 will be placed on the sign of individuality and creativity, as show the launch of "all body type Barbies". There is a start of revolution in media where people can't accept to see one type of  formatted beauty, and has Baudelaire said "Beautiful is always bizarre".  

By Anthony Lycett 
Taking the advantage of being in Paris I had the opportunity to shoot some of my creations in a different background than London, showing that you don't have to fade in grey in the Parisian greyness.  
By Anthony Lycett 

This is my new multicultural necklace subverting cultural appropriation by mixing Indians beads, African dolls & Peruvians figurines I made for the amazing Sue Kreitzman.   
In front of Notre Dame, By Anthony Lycett 

Sur le Pont neuf By Anthony Lycett 

By Anthony Lycett 
I made this big cuffs bracelets for the gallerist Isabelle Gounod for her to wear at the opening.  She is not an adept of maximalisitc style but with a black dress, the bracelets just looked stunning! 
By Anthony Lycett 

She said "I feel I have a fairy tales at each wrists".  Indeed I like to create jewels with a narrative.  I sourced all the miniature toys in charity shop and car boots sales and stitched them on a fabric base assembling them according to heir shapes  and colours.  

Also for a fresh start of the year I made a new website, feel free to have a look (my projects are more classified by theme rather than chronologically on my blog!) 

I also had a new logo made by my very talented sister, now I need to figure out how to print my own labels! 

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