samedi 19 juillet 2014

Pop culture disney fairy tales

by Sylwia Grzegórzko
It all came out of an egg… I was finding a disney princess in my kinder egg for easter and the idea came to make a kitsch fairy tale necklace for Sue Kreitzman
(imagine how much kinder I had to eat to have the all collection (I have the worst job in the world!) 
Even if this necklace is marshmallow pink, full of glitter and sequins, it is mistakenly girly, in fact, it is a new age  fairy tales story that I just made up in the creative process: 
by Sylwia Grzegórzko

The prince is wearing a  "Prince" glitter jacket but he is singing "YOU HAVE TO BE RICH TO BE MY GIRL" so he is playing to Bingo love princess in Vegaswonderland.  He his choosing between 6 disney princess (Ariel, Jasmine, Snow White, Belle, Sleeping Beauty & Raiponce). But the witch is spelling a cast on the bingo love creating a magic filter for the Prince to fall in love with her and access to the royalty protected by the dwarfs bouncer holding sub-machine gun.  
The prince marry the witch, have lot of monster children and create the own  successful freak show that they are touring everywhere in Vegaswonderland.  
by Sylwia Grzegórzko
On this pictures took by the great Sylwia Grzegórzko I wanted to embody the equivalent of the modern princess, hit girls,  void icons venerated by millions of young girls like Kim Kardashian or Paris Hilton, spoilt rich tacky girl  promoting money and artificial beauty as happiness. Far from the model of Grace Kelly or Lady Diana, their are wearing the bling crown and reign over the planet People of fan.  Their balls are private parties in  hype night club and their white horse have been replaced by Limo.  
by Sylwia Grzegórzko

by Sylwia Grzegórzko
by Sylwia Grzegórzko

The amazing thing with Sue, is that she gavel me total freedom in my creation and allow me to explore the concept of narrative jewellery, piece of jewels that tells stories. 

I went to Sue's house wonderland, definitely better than disneyland to present my princess necklace to the queen of style! 

Entering in Sue's house with my barbie hands sunglasses & yellow lego jacket

Sue wearing amazingly my fairy tales nacklace

With the amazing Diane Goldie creating wearable art piece with a the favourite painting of Sue on her new jacket,
check her great creations here! 

Sue wearing another of my necklace with 3 Aztec vampire dolls

Why it is always funny to turn fairy tales upside down? Because princess and fairy tales are strong archetypes, fundamental myths of our societies that play on the deconstruction of theses icons.  

Postmodernism uses common references know by everybody to divert them from there original function, creating pop culture that is always self-referential. Because  folkloric tropes have near universal relevance , he sacred and polished image of theses model of perfection and purity are more easily battered and re-appropriated by the artists.

Dina Goldstein
That’s what Dina Goldstein is curious about. In her gripping photo series FallenPrincesses, Dina Goldstein envisions how Disney’s most celebrated females' lives would have played out in the real world.

Dina Goldstein
I grow up with classic fairy tale, where the prince charming marry the princess and they live happy forever, seeing Shrek, where the monster marry the monster-princess at the end when I was around 10 years old was already a revolution breaking up into piece all my illusion abut fairy tales. But what about the next generation?  Did they grew up with theses twisted a fairy tales symptomatic of our disenchanting society?  Maybe, turning upside down theses fairy tales, turning little riding hood into a drug dealer or Sleeping Beauty in a prostitute is becoming too easy, cliché and overdone. It always works as a pop culture twist and provoke a striking image and dark humour.  
Dina Goldstein

Dina Goldstein

Dina Goldstein

For example, artist Saint Hoax is changing the fairy tale ending we are all used to in Disney movies, by raising awareness with a domestic violence campaign featuring abused Disney princesses.

The campaign is called “Happily Never After” which, according to Hoax, features four Disney princesses - Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Jasmine and Ariel – like we’ve never seen them before.  The abused princesses are shown with black eyes and blood coming from their faces.

In "DisasterLand, Rodolfo Loaiza show what happens when Disney characters meet pop culture.  
Where else can see you see Cinderella rock Lady Gaga‘s famous meat dress? Or get so fed up with her life that she channels Britney Spears in her meltdown days by shaving her head?
Rodolfo Loaiza
Here’s how the exhibit is described: “Rodolfo explores what would happen to our fables if they were flesh and blood and confronted with the frenetic and excessive world of fame. Who among them would prove susceptible to the excesses of drugs, alcohol, harassment or vanity?”
In addition to the Cinderella exploits described above, Loaiza imagines Snow White as an alcoholic, puts Peter Pan in Michael Jackson’s ‘Beat It’ outfit, and shows Freddie Krueger terrorizing the dreams of Sleeping Beauty — and it only gets more twisted from there.
Rodolfo Loaiza

Rodolfo Loaiza

 Maybe the new avant grade will be to return to the old traditional version of fairy tales as a faraway taste of an outdated happiness….
Maybe it will be to artist  with their colourful and original visions to re-enchant the world.   

jeudi 10 juillet 2014

Bed dress

by Anthony Lycett
River near Pendle hill,  Lancashire,  you don't realise but it is actually really hard to stand in theses heels on theses slippery water stones! 

...Yes you read it right, a bed dress!

The father of my ex-flatmate Pauline asked me to make one of my costume based performance for the opening of his bed shop.
by Anthony Lycett
Bed dress in a river bed 

So I decided to make a dress around the theme of bed and sleep. 
To create my design, I have to dream it first, the shape appear in my dream first really muddled and blurry but becoming more defined with time. 

by Anthony Lycett

I don't really draw my creations, I visualise it , I imagine it, especially when I am cycling. When I feel the picture is clear enough in my mind I start making.  

by Anthony Lycett

To get inspirations, I decided to go in different bed Shop in London, to get suffused by the atmosphere something really shabby one.  "Are you looking for something in particular? We have a fantastic discount on all our mattress!" "No sorry, I am just looking to your store". 

So I decided to make my dress only from material you can find in a bed shop instead of fabric: foam for the mattresses (I like the fact that in costume design, foam is often used as stuffing and hidden and I like to use it as a decoration in itself) & transparent plastic to remind protection cover for mattresses. 

I  actually find more material for my dresses in DIY shop than in sewing & fabric shop.  The guy from Leyland or B&Q is always surprised to see a girl with lipstick & heels  walking among of the shelves of the shop with a determined pace knowing exactly what she wants. 

I created my favourite shape for dress: bustier top with big crinoline (large rigid skirt allow me to stick elements on the skirt like on the Lego dress). I liked to play with the transparency element of the dress wearing some kitsch vintage fluffy panties.  Between being dress and undress, as a modern Marie-Antoinette who's the maid forgot to put the top-layer skirt.  
spring hat & golden star eyes-ashes

For the material of the top, the result was driven by a Facebook status: a Facebook friend moving away was giving away a big bag full of rubber from every cloud of the rainbow.  I jumped on the chance and went the day after collecting the rubber with my big luggage.  The idea was to create the effect of the fabric reproducing the fold of actual sheets.  

The two rubber pillows on the side represent the pinafore aspect of the crinoline dress.  
For the head pieces I didn't know what to do and my flatmates came with that idea of the metallic spring.  

The most tricky part was the miniature bed.  I went to pound land and found the perfect size dolls bed but there was only 3 remaining so I asked them if I could order more, but they were out of stock so after a week of calling them everyday I had to resolve myself to make them myself with wood turning myself into model maker.  

One of the difficulties was to bring it from London to Paris and travel with it in the Eurostar. The custom guard was " are you getting married" I hope not. 
I tried to put it nicely in the luggage department but someone just came putting brutally his luggage on the top smashing the all dress, I tried to stop it but it was to late, fortunately, Just few bed were broken and I just had to glue them back...

The performance itself was quite challenging it was the first time for me to perform in a non theatrical  space and even a non artistic place.  Basically the audience had to contribute to the dress by making there own bed by adding foam mattresses, miniature toys & dolls and miniature colourful sheets on the miniature bed making a colourful patchwork according they own creativity.  

The audience was quite enthusiastic about the idea sometimes really rational "what do I have to do?  do I do it right?  "yo know in this case there is no right or wrong.  
They could take polaroid with the dress keep it on add it to the living installation, when I see the fascination on audience's face I know the performance is successful and that I manage to create and interaction with the people around! 

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